Regar-upload a photo, Duncan was wearing boxing gloves was practicing, nike free run murderous despot. Duncan's partnership with Regar-for years, the "Stone Buddha" last offseason in a career trough, weight loss poor unsatisfactory condition, Regar to help him get out of trouble. Boxing training that Duncan's physical conditions have improved significantly, cut 2012-13 season averaged 17.8 points 9.9 rebounds and 2.7 blocks, with 37 years of "old age" chosen for the team first team, led the Spurs into the NBA Finals. Duncan's performance in training, Regar-two thumbs up. "You know, he was already a star, but very focused in training," Regar said, "even in the event of an error, he is serious and correct. A lot of times I advised him not to be concerned with minor errors, but he was adamant that no, must follow the correct way of doing it. We needed him to stop the training, this passion for work I've ever seen. "" Once we have an outdoor training, continuously practicing sun exposure for 30 minutes, without any rest, "Regar-went on to say," I advised him to not like this, but he wants to challenge himself, hoping to become more powerful, that is crazy. The last time BDL discussed White was when we talked about his attempts to explain his fears and issues with flying to a reporter, pointing out that taking "one hundred flights would be like if you're allergic to peanut butter it'd be like spreading your whole body with it."Royce responded to BDL s Twitter account and pointed out that he never said he would be averse to flying to games in 2013-14, but that wasn t what the Ball Don t Lie column said.

ÿþ Men's basketball team in Fuxin County of Fuxin city, Liaoning province Stadium ended a final warm-up before the National Games, eventually 71:81 to come from Lithuania's team. After the game, team assistant coach Lord and player interviews to Battelle received. King said: "Li Xiaoxu is back with the wounded, so haven't been able to talk to team training before the games began just over a week's time, we still hope that he can recover as soon as possible, of course, we are ready to face the difficulties in preparation. "In reference to the upcoming National Games competition, King said:" there's team does have a lot of difficulties, in addition to Li Xiaoxu, there are quite a few players with injuries, but the team was perfectly good, will make every effort to face every game. "As the first NBA (microblogging) Player of the championship rings, Butler's career can be said it is filled with a variety of admired achievements. In the games arena, war games battle for the sixth consecutive time, also called a legend. However, it still has a legend in unspeakable pity, in the National Games for the first time experience, he doesn't have a champion with the team. May be the last chance to participate in the National Games, battle will be the opportunity to make up for the regret, in custody in Liaoning's body. The day before yesterday, before the game started, Battelle received the northern network, the liaoshen evening news exclusive interview, unfolded his expectations for the upcoming games.

What it did relay was that White wanted no part of the hundreds-plus flights a year it takes to stick with an NBA team during the entire regular season (because the Sixers ain t makin the playoffs), and the headline quoted him as saying that directly.I can t tell you if these sorts of barriers are something that can be worked around. Nobody can. Royce White couldn t even begin to anticipate where things are headed, because anxiety disorder (in its myriad forms) doesn t play by a strident set of rules. White could become a jet-setter nonpareil during his NBA career, facing down reporters by the dozens and fans by the thousands with ease and full eye contact. Or he could continue with more of what we saw (or didn t see, really) in 2012-13. The man will have had 16 months between the 2012 NBA and 2013-14 season to figure out just how he s going to handle this life, but sometimes these things just never figure themselves out.We just hope the effort is there, from both White and the 76ers.Because, frankly, we want to live in a world where a unique player like Royce White can contribute to a growing NBA team, and a unique person like Royce White can find a way to overcome what bothers him the most, all while observers understand that none of this is anyone s fault but the too-complicated chemicals and synapses that drag around that big batch of gray matter we have up there.Xinhua sports allies Madrid, August 28 (reporters Xie Yuzhi) Massey-neimaer double star did not shine sparkle as expected. 28th Spain Super Cup second leg match, 0:0 boring home Barcelona Atletico Madrid, just with the score away from home and took the Championship. First round 1:1 Calderon Stadium against the two teams.

Come to the NOU camp in the 90 minutes in the fierce battle, both teams failed to grasp the scoring opportunity. Lionel Messi missing a penalty in the 89th minute, while Atletico Madrid side on and off one player to get a red card. Matches moments slightly confusing, both end with the 1:1 total score of Super Bowl contention. Have a difficult trophy score away from nike free nz home in Barcelona. Injury of Macy's identity and the new season for the first time with the main thrust on stage neimaer first partner in the official competition, but the effect was modest. When you first start, Barca were once made several threats, but Atletico firmly defended its attack difficult to show results. Home team goal also repeated the test in this competition, goalkeeper Valdés, on several occasions in the second half the tide for Barcelona to secure the gate yet. Situation was open to the 80th minute, feilipei·luyisi defense in the Alves fouled directly sent off by the referee gave a situation started good for Barca tilted. A few minutes later, Pedro in the penalty area with ball was blocked, gain penalty kicks. However Lionel Messi off the ball has hit the crossbar to eject.Atletico's bad luck does not end there. Despite previous Godin Stampede Alves escaped punishment, but Yahya golmohammadi, Atletico has been substituted aerda·Tulan because the players on the bench to protest the referee and gave a penalty out. Last minute disadvantage in the number of Madrid had back unable to, two 0:0 statements to each other. Barcelona led by Harvey took Spain Super Cup trophy. According to the Wen Wei Po reported in Hong Kong, will join in the European Super Cup on Friday, Bayern Munich's Bundesliga League 4th round early yesterday morning, and rotation team dispatched substitute guests they were Freiburg stalemate 1:1, season 3 ended up winning, top positions are in jeopardy at any time. Brilliant Guardiola in Barcelona this summer to take over the previous "Triple Crown" already stressed, first points is a service, it is no wonder that after the game was Germany media criticism, that team is not an excuse to lose. In fact, Bayern this summer, let them go two defensive midfielder, handsome Office changed to prevent, pigs were injured after the exit of the second half is service, moved from bianweilamu be entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment in this position, playing quite difficult, being draw with one of the reasons. Sha Qili for Bayern to open the record, but after the first 4 minutes and fell.Club staff told reporters: "team prepared the National Games, not to mention the CBA League schedules, we also see the Web site said McGrady offers $ 2 million of it, do this year? "Dang reporter said did may Liao basket picked cards Shi, each other laugh has," club going up and down didn't people said this thing, impossible,, first McGrady this salary fast catch Club throughout team of wage has, besides currently Liaoning men's basketball of personnel configuration, also not needs McGrady such play of players, you to said Club nike free run 2 black to pursuit sensation effect, that Liaoning men's basketball on more no necessary has, from downfield to Hou field, team gathered has so more of domestic stars players, so let maidilai Liao basket, is not mark. Roy Hibbert, the Miami Heat was in trouble. Last season, Hibbert's high heat and eat a lot of hardship, Eastern Conference finals, Walker will drag them down until well into the seventh. With bitter and hopes for a final defeat, this offseason Hibbert crazy train hard, the results achieved are very striking.Recently, Hibbert on Instagram made a picture of yourself, and Duncan, split, Ma Yinmi, who trained with the photo. In the picture, every one of them was injured, a bandage wrapped around, apparently for boxing practice. In a photograph, Hibbert changed its image of thin bamboo pole, arms and thick, nice thick, coupled with high heads, like a "Bull". This is also the year in Georgetown, looks frail lanky? Hibbert has really been practicing this summer? You know, with Tim Duncan in the photograph looks shorter than Hibbert, by contrast, thin lot of body panels, United States media joked that looked and Hibbert can Duncan for breakfast. When in an interview with a radio station, Pacers coach fulanke·wogeer it comes to provide the changes, are delighted. "I think some photographers in the gym to teach him how to pose, as in the photo, he looks in shape really big, isn't it? No, I'm just kidding, "Vogel said," yesterday, I saw him in the Office, he's strong enough, for more go inside the body to fight, he had been looking forward to, especially on the offensive end, the defensive people piled out, squeeze and play our brand of basketball. "The playoffs last season, Hibbert shine, role of the new season he was on the offensive end is expected to further weight gain. With the healthy return of Granger and bench strength to improve the team, Walker is considered to be championship contenders in the East. Last season, they only a victory can advance finals this year, Hibbert upgrade acres and depths increase, beat the heat, so why not? NBA (micro-blog), there are many models of training hard, Bryant (microblogging) are figureheads. Duncan is also a trained Geek, just "Stone Buddha was" very low, seldom take the initiative to talk about how your sweat. Duncan during the off-season have not been idle, he began for the new season to prepare for, accept the two-time world champion tournament champions Regar-Guide, maintain shape through boxing training to improve endurance while polishing technique. Regar pointing boxing Duncan revealed on Twitter: "the greatest power forward of all time, Duncan and I have freenzrun just finished an hour of boxing training, he was fantastic.